Tailoring Services in Boston, MA

Helpful Information About Our Services

  • We work with every kind of clothing for both men and women, including suits, jackets, jeans, coats, dresses and gowns.  We specialize in bridal alteration for brides and bridesmaids.  For additional information, please visit the Bridal Alterations page.
  • We do every kind of alteration, from simple hemming to sophisticated and complex re-styling.
  • We work with every type of fabric and leather, and have significant experience with sequined and beaded materials and lace.
  • We pay attention to preserving original details of design.
  • All of our work is done on-site by our long-standing team of highly experienced professionals.  To learn more, please visit the About Us page.
  • We value your time and ensure that your garments are always ready when you need them. With urgent alterations, we do our best to finish them on the same business day.
  • We do not require appointments (except as noted in our Bridal Alterations page), as our spacious waiting area and two fitting rooms can accommodate many customers.  However, we do recommend appointments for more complicated work that might require a lengthier fitting.
  • In working to guarantee full satisfaction, we make every effort to determine the needs of our clients and to offer them various alteration and pricing options.  (For example, is the bridesmaid looking to spend the least money on a one-time-wear dress, or does she wish to turn the dress into a gorgeous gown to be worn again?)
  • We promise honest service.  Our tailors take care to explain the impossibility of certain requests and strive to offer feasible alternatives. We take pride in recognizing the limits of the profession and work with all clients personally to ensure that their wishes are carried out exactly.
Best Fit Inc - Custom Tailoring in Boston, MA